As a Certified Xero Practice Studio Partner, we work with Accountants and Bookkeepers to help with everything that is needed to run and manage a practice using Xero’s solutions.

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Xero Practice Studio

Just a few reasons why this suite is better:

  • The systems are designed to fit together seamlessly and provide smooth workflows.
  • They are easy for everyone to use and yield the right kind of collaboration between you, your team and your client.
  • Cloud-based platforms with convenient access mean you don’t need to maintain a complicated and expensive IT environment.
  • The beautiful design pleases the eyes.

Did you also know these tools won’t cost you anything? Xero gives you this suite free of charge. Why? Because they know that by looking after you, they’re helping you look after their clients. Abacus Business Solutions is one of four approved Implementation Partners for the Xero Practice Studio. We help bookkeepers and accountants make a seamless move to Xero Practice Studio with all of the conversion and training support you need.

Individual tax return in Xero Practice Manager

It starts with My Xero

Put you and your clients on the same page.
Becoming a Xero Partner brings you up
to date.

Your clients have been looking for a contemporary, automated accounting solution that is intuitive to use and easy on the eyes. As the leader in cloud accounting, Xero is the solution you’ve been looking for.

My Xero is your partner portal, helping you stay connected with your Xero clients so you can advise them using up to the minute data and live bank feeds. Watch the video here.

Take a look at these My Xero portal features:

  • Your clients share access to their live data with you and your staff. A single ledger, no need to back up, no more messy mixups.
  • Access to free training for your team members, keeping everyone’s skills up to date.
  • The option of nine different versions of Xero, find one to perfectly suit your client.
  • Marketing resources including a public profile, designed to help you grow your business.

Welcome to
Xero Practice

Designing better processes is easier 
than you think.


Xero Practice Manager includes features built specifically for both bookkeepers and accountants.

Abacus Business Solutions can help you and your team design and adopt an ideal workflow, with built-in control over your processes.

The extensive benefits include:

  • Long term value in client relationships
  • A happy team, working in a healthy, stress-free environment
  • Hassle-free admin leading to better cashflow and reporting.


Welcome to automated compliance and easy collaboration.

If manual work processes are holding you back, here is the alternative.

“Abacus Business Solutions have an experienced team in place to guide your transition from manual to online Workpapers and provide all the benefits that follow, with continued support and assistance.” Greg Harrison, Director


Live integration between Xero and Workpapers replaces the need for spreadsheets and data entry. Create bulk workpapers for groups of similar clients so that you get through your workload without too much repetition.


Collaborating with your team is easier than ever. Workpapers has built-in indicators that let everybody know which stage the process is at all the way through to manager review and approval. When your review is done, automatically create management reports to share with your client.
No need for paper filing! Safely archive your completed workpapers online.


Use the handy client portal to manage
all of your communications. You can keep track of queries and save client responses along with the supporting documents they’ve supplied. No need to worry about client miscommunication!

Featuring Xero Tax & Reporting

Access to this innovative tax platform puts you ahead of the pack.

Xero has innovated the ATO lodgement model for bookkeepers and accountants and is years ahead of its competition.

To see how lodging BAS using Practice Manager is semi-automated and saves hours every quarter watch this video.

You will be able to lodge company, individual and trust returns for the 2014 financial year and beyond using the same platform.

With compliance done and dusted you can move onto the more important things like getting back in touch with your clients.

In the meantime, get in touch with Abacus!